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Men's Breakfast Ministry


The Men's Breakfast Ministry is designed for fellowship and spiritual growth for men.  We meet on the first Saturday of each month at a local restaurant for breakfast and lively discussion!


Starting with the October 2014 breakfast, we will begin a study of the book "Spiritual Leadership" written by J. Oswald Sanders.  This book focuses on leadership principles from a biblical perspective.


Make plans to join us for discussion and growth on this topic!  If you need a copy of the book, contact us to see if we have any extra copies or you can order from Amazon by following these links... (Paperback)   or   (Kindle version)


Excerpt from the preface to the first edition...

"This book has grown out of two series of messages delivered to the leaders of Overseas Missionary Fellowship at conferences in Singapore in 1964 and 1966.  The principles of leadership in both the temporal and spiritual realms are presented and illusrated in these pages from both scripture and the lives of eminent men and women of God." - J. Oswald Sanders


Testimonials of the far reaching and long-lasting impacts of this book...

Spiritual Leadership is the bast book I've read on Christian leadership.  I give copies to every key associate.  - Charles W. Colson, Chairman, Prison Fellowship


As a young pastor, J. Oswald Sanders' book Spiritual Leadership was the first book I read that awakened me to the subject of leadership.  It started me on a 30-plus year journey of teaching leadership to pastors and laypeople.  No other book has influenced my life the way this one has. - John C. Maxwell, Author


Spiritual Leadership should be the constant companion of every under-shepherd in the Savior's service.  Most helpful is the fact that its emphasis is not on methods, but on character, passion and godliness.  I read it often to regrip the basic perspectives of my task, and have given it to the entire leadership team in our church.  - John MacArthur, Pastor-teacher, Grace Comunity Church

J. OSWALD SANDERS (1917-1992) was a Christian leader for nearly seventy years and authored more than forty books on the Christian life including The Incomparable Christ, Spiritual Discipleship, Spiritual Leadership, and Spiritual Maturity. He left a promising law practice in his native New Zealand to serve as an instructor and administrator at the Bible College of New Zealand. Dr. Sanders later became general director of the China Inland Mission (now the Overseas Missionary Fellowship), and was instrumental in beginning many new missions projects throughout East Asia.

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